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29 Jan

The Peak Hong Kong (Victoria Peak)

Beautiful night scenery views of Hong Kong’s city from The Peak.

The Peak Tower.


28 Jan

Solar Eclipse 2009

I’m really disappointed. I already waited since 03.30pm at Syuen Hotel Ipoh just want to watch solar eclipse (the peak is around 04.30pm). Suddenly the sky turns very dark and cloudy around 04.00pm. I still wait patiently eventhough there is no hope to see the sun. Finally, I saw something interesting few minutes before the end of solar eclipse around 6.50pm. The rainbow something like aurora appeared from the edge of the cloud. The sun is right behind on that cloud. The rainbow is moving like a gas. I got a chance to take few photos and a video. At least I saw something interesting even with the bad weather. So, it’s worth for me to wait few hours. I hope you enjoy.

Close-up view of the aurora. It’s very colorful like a rainbow.

Please click More to see more photos and video.


18 Jan

Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula (FILM)

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On the January 14th, I got the invitation from one of the Les’Copaque crew to join the Press Preview of “Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula” at Cathay Cineplexes, Mutiara Damansara. I got a chance as a first batch to watch this film before it officially release on February 12. After I watched this film, finally I wrote a simple review about this film. I hope you enjoy.


04 Jan

Hong Kong – Tsim Sha Tsui

Camera rolling! 3~ 2~ 1~. Action!

December 26, 2008 (07:05pm)
After 2 hours I reached Hong Kong, I spent my time hang around and relaxing at the Avenue of Stars which is not far from Harbour City and Star Ferry at Tsim Sha Tsui. While I hang around at Bruce Lee statue, suddenly I heard few peoples shouting very loud in Cantonese just few meters from me. After a while, they start punching on each others. At first, I thought it just a street show to create a gimmick to attract the tourists since it was happen just few meters from Bruce Lee statue. Amazingly, in less than 2 minutes, both of the bad guys get pinned down by the undercover cops. One of the cops is a pretty young girl who is wearing normal civilian clothes. Few minutes later, few security officers and cops came for backup and both of them finally get arrested. That time only I realize it is a real fight.
Too bad, I haven’t record the whole scene because I was too shocked. I only record after the fighting scene. I hope you enjoy the video.


01 Jan

New Year Eve 2009 in Hong Kong

New Year Eve 2009 in Hong Kong.

Welcome 2009! What a fresh look of Hong Kong after the New Year Eve.


04 Sep

My Simple Trip to Malacca

Eyes on Melaka (Ferris Wheel).


13 Aug

Team Malaysia – Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008


18 May

Earthquake Light in China (Mystery)

The Videos below shows the event in where the so called Earthquake Light can be seen 30 minutes before the earthquake strike on Sinchuan, China. Is this a sign God has bestowed upon us to show that a terrifying disaster is about to come?


03 May

Puddings in Middle East

Heaven of Pudding? The image on the top shown various puddings made by Middle East. The price is dirt cheap compared to Malaysia. It is about 1 Saudi Riyal for each. Plus, it is very easy to find puddings in Saudi because their people really love dairy foods.


09 Apr

Pudding @ Lavender Cake Shop

This pudding is quite cheaper compared to ZEN pudding. The texture of the pudding is very smooth and creamy. It’s a bit different from other puddings due to the topping made by blueberry fruits instead of caramel. The taste of the pudding is not much different than ZEN pudding. Though, ZEN pudding has better topping which makes it more delicious than the Lavender pudding. Overall, this pudding does not taste bad. In fact it’s much better than the normal pudding and its worth for the price too!
Location: Lavender Cake Shop, Pavillion, Bukit Bintang, Malaysia
Price: RM4.80


02 Apr

ZEN Pudding

Today, I would like to introduce a very well made and fine pudding. The quality is very good and tasty. Its worth for the price eventhough the price is about RM6.50 each. The pudding is made in very well balance between sweet and light due to the combination between topping which is sweet and the pudding itself which is very light and creamy.

The texture of the pudding is very smooth like a cream.


19 Mar

Orbs at Penang War Museum (Mystery)

After I watched Misteri Nusantara on TV3 a few weeks ago, they were showing about this place. They claimed that this place was haunted! So, I decided to check back on the photos that I took a few years ago. Upon checking them out, I noticed something unusual in one of the photos that I took. Come take a look at the photos that I took.

Mystery Orbs at Penang War Museum


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